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Trinidad Douglah 7-pot Pepper plant (chocolate 7-pot)

Chocolate version of Trinidad 7 Pot with a sweeter flavor but just as hot! Called Douglah because in Trinidad a mixed race person is called Douglah. People in Trinidad are from Indies, Africa and Latin America. This pepper is now the second hottest in the world at an average of 1,169,000 SHUs, way hotter than the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost pepper). Some peppers can reach 1,853,000 SHUs and will have ripping heat so be careful. My Cajun friend Avery tried this one with me last year at his graduation party, and he had to run and start chugging milk since the burn was so intense. I made a new "Citral burn" salsa glaze with this pepper in it, and it was too hot for most to eat! More for me I guess:)

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