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Dr. David J. Baumler PhD, M.S.

Founder of

 Dr. Dave’s pepper cultivation hobby all started at a plot in a community garden, a garden plot on top of a hill that overlooked Lake Mendota in Madison, WI. That first year, I planted and grew two varieties of chili peppers and yielded a handful of red thai and orange habanero chili peppers.  The following year I expanded to growing 10 types of chili peppers plants.  In the next three years I continued to expand and grew 30 types, 73 types, and in 2011 I grew 111 different varieties of chili pepper plants in containers on the driveway of my home. 

You can read more about my Pepper Research and the evolution of MidwestChiliPeppers through the following series of articles written by Denise Thornton through her blog Digging in the Driftless.




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