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Pepper Workshop 2013: Bigger, Better, and even Hotter!

Saturday May 18nd 10:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M.

          (At Paradigm Gardens located in Madison, WI)            

“The History and Evolution of Chili Peppers”

By Dr. David J. Baumler PhD, M.S.

Founder of

This year we have hunted for more unique and rare pepper plant varieties worldwide (India, China, Trinidad, and South America)  and will have OVER 135 varieties of pepper plants for sale for this upcoming growing season, including six varieties that have recently been scientifically proven to be hotter than the ghost pepper!  NEW THIS YEAR:  1) We will discuss the latest scientific research that has compared the hotness of six new chili pepper varieties including “the Carolina Reaper” against the ghost pepper, 2) you will have the chance to sample many of these new hot varieties and see for yourself if they are hotter than the ghost pepper, 3) Four types of chili pepper beers will be available for sampling [Aji Limon Pale Ale, Zavory Habanero Lime Pale Ale (no heat), Rocoto Red Ale, and “the Nemesis” Belgium Amber Ale (contains all of the hottest chili peppers in the world)], 4) you can taste some of Dr. Dave’s new 111 lime cilantro hot sauce and also a vegetarian chili that contains a blend of all 111 chili pepper varieties pictured above, and 5) hear the world premiere of the Chili Pepper song written and performed by Dr. Dave.

Workshop pre-registration is $15 ($20 if purchased day of the event) and includes an interactive lecture, samples of extensive chili pepper appetizers from breakfast items to 5 types of salsas to desserts, and a jar of one of Dr. Dave’s tasty chili pepper jams, salsas, or jellies.  Call (608)-241-3800 to reserve your spot now as registration is limited and once registered, you can start to preorder your pepper plants starting May 8th at 15% off using the promo code PEPPERFAN at checkout!  Participants will leave with handouts containing pepper growing tips, AND will have the first opportunity to pre order and purchase many of the 135+ varieties of pepper plants from his personal collection for this upcoming growing season (including most of the hottest, sweetest, tastiest, most colorful, and unique types from all around the world). Pepper plants remaining after the workshop ends at 1 P.M. will be available for sale to the general public at Paradigm Gardens.

Paradigm Gardens:  4501 Helgesen Drive, Madison, WI 53718-6747 (608) -241-3800

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Watch a free video of "The History and Evolution of Chili Peppers." by Dr. David J. Baumler

If you want to learn more about the history and evolution of chili peppers, you can watch a video through Wisconsin Public television of my talk presented at the Wednesday nite at the lab series at UW-Madison.

Paste the following link into your web-browser:

Or do a web search for "History and Evolution of chili Peppers"

Dr. Dave

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