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Pepper Plants (No Heat)
Aconcagua Pepper
Ancient Sweet Red Pepper
Apple Pimento Pepper
Banana Sweet Pepper
Barancio Sweet Pepper
Big Bertha Pepper
Buran Pepper
Chinese Giant Sweet Pepper plant
Chocolate Beauty Pepper plant
Chocolate Bell Pepper plant
Diablo Sweet Pepper
Dulcetta Orange Pepper
Dulcetta Red Pepper
Dulcetta Yellow Pepper
Feher Ozon Paprika Pepper
Giant Szegedi Sweet Pepper
Golden Treasure Pepper
Jalapeno Mild Pepper
Lilac Sweet Bell
Marconi Gold Pepper
Marseilles Yellow Bell Pepper
Orange Habanero Suave Pepper
Pepperoncini Pepper plant
Primavera Pepper plant
Quadrato De Asti Sweet Pepper plant
Red Habanero Suave Pepper plant
Shishito Pepper
Shishito Surprise Pepper (No Heat, most of the time...)
Tequila Sunrise Pepper plant
Trinidad Perfume Pepper plant (No Heat)
Zavory Habanero Pepper plant