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Welcome to the MidwestChiliPeppers Consortium!
The best place for information for consumers, and the food and beverage industries to learn more about growing chili pepper plants in North America, and how to select the types of chili peppers that may best suit your needs.

our motto: Making the world a greener & spicier place since 2011.

The home of all types of chili peppers that have been grown successfully, sampled, and photographed by renowned chili pepper enthusiast and scientist Dr. D. J. Baumler (BS, MS, PhD). 

 I have started a new position as an Assistant Professor with the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.  We do not sell anything, but this website is an informative site to share the chili pepper research in the Baumler Lab and from our MidwestChiliPeppers Consortium partners: Dr(s). JoEllen Feirtag, Adrian Hegemann  and John Erwin.  This year we hope to receive a MN Drive Global Food Ventures grant (keep fingers crossed for us) that will allow us to expand this resource to increase the growth and consumption of chili pepper for all of the farmers, consumers, students/staff, and members of the food and beverage industry in Minnesota and throughout the Midwestern United States.      

Read about our Seeds for Africa relief efforts!  I have started a partnership over the last three years to donate new varieties of chili pepper seeds to the minister of agriculture of Sierra Leone, and now many of these new varieties are found in every market throughout the country. 75% of the worlds population still do not have enough food to eat, and my mission is to help remedy this worldwide problem with chili peppers!

I plan to expand these efforts to bring more safe and nutritious peppers with the most Vitamin A/g or Vitamin C/g (of any known food) to 53 other countries throughout Africa and other developing countries around the world with help from FARA, EFANS, and also the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to try to alleviate Vitamin A deficiency and Vitamin C deficiency around the world by growing and consuming new types of chili peppers.  

Whether you spell it chile, chille, chili, chilly, or chilli you have come to the right place.

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